Brow Perfection by Christina

Beauty at its best.  Microblading, long-wear makeup, and anti-aging in the Midwest and Florida. 

Helping you reach your beauty goals is what I live for.  I specialize in Microblading because brows are my passion. 

Providing International Beauty at a Midwest Price


Microblading is an ultra-precise manual technique that introduces individual hair strokes that are customized for your face shape and hair color.  Unlike permanent makeup, which uses a machine that can vibrate and blur, microblading is done with a precise hand tool so the strokes are fine and natural in appearance.  This is a semi-permanent procedure that typically lasts 1 - 2 years.

Microblading creates the most realistic hair-like volume when compared to all the other eyebrow procedures available.  Your microblading eyebrow enhancement procedure will blend perfectly into your existing hairs.
  1. Microblading
    Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. Your face and style trends change with time, so other forms of permanent make-up are a risky decision! Please click the "Book NOW" link above or below for pricing and more information.
  2. Long-Wear Makeup
    I've spent much of my life immersed in the beauty industry and I look for products that work and last. For my makeup, I choose SeneGence - the premier long-wearing makeup of the united states. SeneGence products last all day (up to 18 hours) and is water-proof, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, and completely budge-proof. SeneGence products come in a variety of beautiful colors/shades and can be layered to achieve your own look.
  3. Anti-Aging
    Aging is inevitable. Looking older doesn't have to be. As a former Esthetician I have been blessed enough to try a multitude of the best products out there. Skin care is another one of my passions and I value the importance of a great skin care routine. Soon I will share my skin care regime and will give you the opportunity to purchase those products to try for yourself.
SeneGence Products

Masterpieces by Christina

At Le Visage we perform procedures on brows only and are hyper-focused on the profession of microblading.  When choosing an esthetician to perform your microblading procedure it's very important to first examine their past work.  There are different styles and methods that people use and call "microblading" and the results can vary greatly.  At Le Visage, we work with each customer and spend a lot of time up front perfecting your "frames" before a blade ever touches your skin.  The brows we create are some of the most natural looking, beautiful brows you will ever find.  Each hair is an individual manual stroke performed with a hand tool, not a machine.  Compare our work to others and decide for yourself! 
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Your brows are our business.

Tell us your vision for your perfect brows and let us make that dream a reality.